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Still surviving the 21 century.

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Artschool hardcorepsychobillydeathpunkboy without funky hairstyle. NOW WITH FUNKY HAIRSTYLE NOW WITH FUNKY ELVISMOHAWK!!!!! nope, no funky hair. Just plain old hockeyfrilla. The Psycobilly Elvis hair is back again!
Slowly balding, getting old..
Still angry.
For the moment I'm very into 50-60yish style with a sewere twist. papertoys and wood. Running a workshop and an artgallery together with my wife. Not anymore, we closed down... Up again! It's up but we hardly use it, lazy sods...
I work mainly in metal (steel, silver ...) paints sometimes and blah,blah,blah...

Married, two three kids, no dog!

Collects gasstation memoralia, feel free to send me everything related to gasstations (preferably BP but anything goes!), and other shit...

I want to marry again in LasVegas, skydiving with The Flying Elvises!

This is old... But it can still be there..

Look at our exellent jewellery!

I keep most of my journal "friends only"!!

Because I wanna know who reads about me and my family....

Gimme stuff, make me happy!

Hey! Supacool shirts!! Looky there--->Threadless.com

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