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Death in my head
I've got the worst headache in ages. Started on wednesday and is still on..

And I turned 37 last tuesday.

Yup. Im old..

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Happy Birthday for the other day, ya old bastard! :o)

Did you do anything exciting?

Naaaah.. Had a glass of champagne while talked with my bro.. Then my wife got a bike from her parents... WTF! Its MY friggin birthday!
Well, she got her bike stolen some month ago..

A glass of champagne while talking to your brother is nice...but I think you should steal Lotta's bike.

Hmmmm. maybe I should, but then she have to use mine and my bike is no good for her, and then I have to take Oda to daycare back on Lottas bike always... Its better if she keeps her bike.

Bah! I replied to this but LJ ate it.

I like that you had a glass of champagne while talking to your brother. That's nice.

I think you should steal Lotta's bike though. Maybe paint some cool flaming skulls on it or something. :o)

It didn't eat it!!!

The flaming skulls are a good idea though. lol

What? What are yo on sister??

Ha! It ate it, I swear! It must've regurgitated it.

Any hooo. i replied to the eaten one...

Your just a child hon. Ring me when you hit your 40's. Migraines suck. allergies? Lack of water?

Hehe.. Today I feel old tho.. Still headache, tired and grumpy... No allergies what I know of.. Migraine? Hmmm nice b-day gift from mother nature then...

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